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The first step in securing confidence and building global athlete trust is InnoVero.

The SAFESystem by InnoVero will be available starting in 2020.

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Invest in your anti-doping operations today by making a commitment to the secure, athlete-friendly, functional and efficient SAFESystem.
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Gabriel Baida, Executive Director
Gabriel serves as the Executive Director of InnoVero, bringing more than a decade of international anti-doping operations leadership experience.

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InnoVero SAFESystem

About InnoVero

The mission of InnoVero is to provide innovation and superior security for a more trusting future in global sport, by bringing equitability and access for all organizations committed to effective anti-doping practices.

InnoVero is committed to securing global athlete trust in sample collection. 

A privately-held entity, InnoVero was founded in 2019.