Innovating Anti-Doping for Today’s Era: How InnoVero is Primed to Lead in WADA’s Five-Year Strategic Plan

Recently, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) published its five-year strategic plan, setting the foundation for the international organization’s strategic activity for 2020-24. 

Highlighting six core priorities focused on “leading anti-doping in a new era,” WADA’s road map to the future of stakeholder collaboration reflects InnoVero’s mission to secure global athlete trust, in an effort to bring a needed reimagination to anti-doping practices around the globe.

Through the lens of the six priorities identified as strategic priorities in WADA’s plan, here’s how InnoVero is delivering on WADA’s vision today. 

  • Lead: Through the development of its SAFESystem, InnoVero has led research and development efforts over the last two years to create a better sample collection device. Through our leadership, a superior device is now being used by athletes and sport organizations.  
  • Grow Impact: Competition alone cannot transform global practice. InnoVero’s mission is to build a community centered around innovation and advancement, by providing access for all to superior collection capabilities.
  • Be Athlete-Centered: Our mission reflects what athletes have long said. Any sample collection process must start with the athlete’s needs first. It’s why InnoVero has invested extensively in design and athlete interaction, in order to secure global trust.
  • Collaborate and Unite: From the infancy of concept through the implementation with our first testing partners, InnoVero has collaborated with DCOs, laboratories and athletes to ensure a superior alternative can be seamlessly integrated by all.
  • Be Visible: InnoVero has played an active role on the global stage in order to prove to global audiences the importance of being accountable for quality, and we’ll continue to be everywhere to bring invention to our systems. 
  • Perform: InnoVero was built to serve the needs of anti-doping organizations, sport federations, and above all, athletes. 

In announcing its strategic plan, WADA acknowledged “there is consensus that WADA must go further to build bridges and unite efforts to protect athletes and the integrity of sports globally.”  This precise charge serves as the driving force in the founding and operations of InnoVero, in order to protect the integrity of sports competition and athlete safety. 

Meaningful actions are essential to reflecting words, particularly for the athletes and fans who demand a unified commitment to clean sport. Today, InnoVero is already acting on the vision of WADA, in order to bring change by investing in the credibility, reliability and ingenuity of the sample collection process. Together in this fight, we can restore universal confidence in the anti-doping system. Join our efforts to experience InnoVero’s commitment to securing global athlete trust.