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Establishing credibility begins with a commitment to ensure athletes around the globe can count on systems that protect their interests: first, foremost and always. It’s why we created InnoVero™.
InnoVero SAFESystem

With a growing network of product partners, InnoVero is delivering on its promise to bring enhanced security, integrity, safety and athlete trust in sample collection practices to anti-doping stakeholders around the globe.

Today, InnoVero serves partners on four continents, as athletes, federations and anti-doping organizations have experienced first-hand the SAFE SystemTMdifference, driven by innovation and ingenuity. 

InnoVero SAFESystem
Simply, the superior quality, safety and security the SAFE System by InnoVero provides anti-doping organizations, sports organizations and federations and drug control agencies with the confidence needed to restore trust globally among athletes and the public, who demand more of those responsible for protecting the integrity of sport and the rights of all athletes.

Creating better solutions to meet the complexities of the sample collection process is paramount to InnoVero’s mission and a drive to deliver improved products to anti-doping stakeholders around the globe. 

With partners ranging from government entities to sport federations to anti-doping organizations, the ease of implementation for InnoVero’s SAFE SystemTMsolution has been heralded as bringing true advancement to the long-standing stagnation of the sample collection systems. Athletes, laboratories and doping control officers have saluted the changes created through better functionality, lighter weight design, and an ease of use to provide athlete confidence in sample security. 

InnoVero SAFESystem

InnoVero reimagines the systems that define anti-doping efforts to build better relationships, to create functional solutions to complex problems, and to put the needs of athletes first to help build a better future together.

Here’s what just a few of InnoVero’s partners are saying about the SAFE SystemTM:

“From our athletes and doping control officers, the SAFE System has been welcomed positively, specifically in the confidence of the “three click” security of the collection device. Our DCOs have found the training resources to be particularly useful for seamless implementation.” – Priscilla RibicExecutive Director, USA Powerlifting 

· “We couldn’t be happier making the switch to SAFESystem™. The transition was seamless and has enhanced the athlete and DCO experience through its state-of-the-art design and functionality. We look forward to continuing this great partnership in building athlete trust.” – Mike ThompsonDCO Manager, U.S. Anti-Doping Agency

“The sample collection cup is the best, a massive improvement over the old model. I haven’t peed on my hand once.” – Kara Winger, U.S. record holder in the javelin throw