Trust and Innovation for Global Athletes

Establishing credibility begins with a commitment to ensure athletes around the globe can count on systems that protect their interests: first, foremost and always. It’s why we created InnoVero™.
InnoVero SAFESystem

Our anthem is to bring security, integrity, safety and trust to protect the personal interests of those who give their most – in and out of competition – in every demanding situation life brings.

Founded to drive innovation and ingenuity in anti-doping products and practices, InnoVero brings together global industry leaders in the fight to protect athlete rights to fair and clean competition. To accomplish our task of revolutionizing the product landscape, we partnered with industry leaders, who would not only push the boundaries of innovation and ingenuity, but who would produce these kits at the highest quality level, while meeting the quantity demands to bring this revolution to anti-doping testing around the globe.

InnoVero SAFESystem
Simply, the superior quality, safety and security the SAFE System by InnoVero provides anti-doping organizations, sports organizations and federations and drug control agencies with the confidence needed to restore trust globally among athletes and the public, who demand more of those responsible for protecting the integrity of sport and the rights of all athletes.

At InnoVero, our creative process is driven by collaboration. We are partners, not profiteers. We understand these are seminal moments and defining days for the anti-doping movement around the globe. We developed InnoVero with advanced technology to improve security, re-establish integrity and promote safety, in order to restore athlete trust in doping control operations.

Together, the partnership that is InnoVero grows every day. Our collaborative creation process will continue to focus on the specific needs of anti-doping organizations – your athletes, DCOs, laboratories and stakeholders – in order to provide 100% confidence in global anti-doping.

InnoVero’s foundational charge to improve global athlete trust in doping control extends far beyond ensuring secure sample collections.

InnoVero SAFESystem

InnoVero reimagines the systems that define anti-doping efforts to build better relationships, to create functional solutions to complex problems, and to put the needs of athletes first to help build a better future together.

What They Are Saying

“From our athletes and doping control officers, the SAFE System has been welcomed positively, specifically in the confidence of the “three click” security of the collection device. Our DCOs have found the training resources to be particularly useful for seamless implementation.” – Priscilla Ribic, Executive Director, USA Powerlifting 

· “We couldn’t be happier making the switch to SAFESystem™. The transition was seamless and has enhanced the athlete and DCO experience through its state-of-the-art design and functionality. We look forward to continuing this great partnership in building athlete trust.” – Mike Thompson, DCO Manager, U.S. Anti-Doping Agency