Superiority in sample collection

SAFE System kits delivered

The SAFESystem™ by InnoVero is the first innovation in anti-doping to secure trust by focusing on the needs of athletes, to protect the integrity of sport.
Innovero SAFESystem
The SAFESystem™ by InnoVero fully integrates into existing DCO and WADA-accredited laboratory workflows, allowing for a seamless transition from existing sample collection kits.

Combining an unmatched level of security with patented technologies, the SAFESystem™ brings innovation and integrity through superior quality, safety and athlete-friendly design.

The SAFESystem by InnoVero was designed with athletes, doping control officers and anti-doping organizations and laboratories at the forefront.

At InnoVero, we are committed to eliminating skepticism and doubts around the effectiveness of trusted sample collection, while providing the tools and confidence to deliver a less-invasive, more personalized sample collection process for athletes, DCOs and laboratories.

The result: A proven sample collection solution providing a higher level of security and confidence for global needs.






The SAFESystem Difference

At the heart of the SAFESystem, you’ll find an unmatched commitment to security, design and efficiency that keeps the athlete protected and the DCO in charge. Functional and efficient, the SAFESystem smoothly integrates into existing doping control officer and laboratory operations.

Unambiguous Tamper-Evidence and Anti-Counterfeit Features
Ergonomic & Easy to Use
Engineered with Athletes, for Athletes
Proprietary Plastic Polymer


With a weight 15% lighter than comparable devices, the SAFE System’s proprietary polymer design reduces shipping and delivery costs, while providing a safer and secure alternative to glass bottle construction. 

  • The SAFE Bottle provides the market’s only universal solution for both urine and blood collections, featuring a revolutionary, transparent locking mechanism, fully secure in just three clicks; 
  • The SAFE Collect cup features an ergonomic, gender-specific design, advancing athlete-friendly use, long neglected by collection devices; 
  • The SAFE Vault quickly and easily secures the partial-sample collection, allowing athletes to return to training or competition while providing full security of the partial sample.