As Hopefuls Chase Olympic Dreams, InnoVero Provides Trusted Solution at Event Qualifiers

When the Summer Games open on July 23 in Tokyo, the culmination of career journeys for the thousands of athletes competing for Olympic Gold will reach its apex. For Olympic hopefuls, years of training, competition and dreams will be met in one shining moment, as the world watches the greatest athletes compete for honor and glory.  

This month, as athletes from around the world compete for the right to represent their home countries in Tokyo in Olympic trial events, InnoVero will provide sample collection equipment during qualifying events for U.S. athletes, ranging from trials for USA Swimming, USA Track and Field, and the WSBC Baseball Americas, among others. 

Now five years removed from the last Summer Games, the one-year-delayed Tokyo Games will reveal a transformed world from the Rio Olympics, with a global pandemic changing the landscape of sports and competition, where the anti-doping landscape has changed, too. 

With athlete confidence shaken to its core in the security of sample collection as details of the Sochi Doping scandal emerged from the 2014 Winter Games, the anti-doping community has spent years in self-reflection, in how to fix a system that was seriously comprised.

InnoVero’s SAFE System will be provided as the sample collection kit solution for U.S. Olympic qualifiers.

As a new Games dawn, so, too, has a more confident future for Olympic athletes when it comes to trust in the sample collection process. InnoVero’s presence at Olympic qualifying events signals that sport federations, anti-doping organizations and athletes collectively experience the trust of a safer solution, in order to protect the integrity of the biggest moments in sports.

InnoVero’s role in bringing innovation to the long-stagnant sample collection market was borne of Olympic scandal. Today, InnoVero’s presence is the first signal of a shared commitment to securing global athlete trust.

The development and design of the SAFESystemTMsample collection kit has arrived in 2021 in time for qualifying for the Tokyo Games, representing the intense training, interval competition, and skill development timeline of today’s Olympians. 

Today, the SAFESystemTMis available and in use by organizations around the globe. The growing roster of InnoVero partners are helping to secure global athlete trust, following years of research and development to create a better alternative. 

“InnoVero’s story has been a long time in the making,” said Gabe Baida, executive director for InnoVero and a veteran of anti-doping operations. “Our process featured years of testing and design feedback from doping control officers, laboratories, athletes and anti-doping organizations, long before the SAFESystem was available. Now that we are ready for global use, the journey has reflected – and in many cases mirrored – what athletes experience around the world when training for an Olympics. The dedication we have put forth to create the most secure, athlete-friendly, and efficient sample-collection solution represents what sport today demands from the anti-doping industry.”  As Olympic dreams are realized on the road to Tokyo, InnoVero’s commitment to security and athlete trust will be on full display to the world. With the SAFE System now in use across the Americas, in Asia, Africa and Russia, the desire to help athletes and sport federations reach their Olympic goals has partners spanning the globe, signaling the collaborative recognition of the hard work necessary to reach Olympic glory.