InnoVero SAFESystem

The SAFESystem by InnoVero Key Facts

  • The SAFE System by InnoVero will debut in 2020, as the first sample collection kit and process to focus on the athlete’s needs first.
  • The SAFE System by InnoVero provides the market’s only universal solution for both urine and blood collections.
  • The SAFE System by InnoVero features three signature components:
    • The SAFE Bottle and a revolutionary, transparent locking mechanism, fully secure in just three clicks.
    • The SAFE Collect cup and an ergonomic, gender-tailored design, advancing athlete-friendly use, long ignored by the collection device market. 
    • The SAFE Vault and a locking partial-sample collection storage, allowing athletes full confidence in security to return to training or competition.
  • Developed with a propriety polymer, the SAFE System by InnoVero weighs 15% lighter than comparable devices, lowering shipping and delivery costs, while providing a safer and secure alternative to glass bottle construction.
  • The SAFE System by InnoVero fully integrates into existing DCO and WADA-accredited laboratory workflows, allowing for a seamless transition from existing sample collection kits.