The Global Laboratory Solution for Sample Collection

InnoVero instills confidence and peace of mind for global stakeholders through a revolutionary redesign to improve every step of the sample collection system. 

The SAFE System Laboratory Opening System, designed specifically to integrate seamlessly in laboratory operations, has successfully opened more than 5,000 sample collection bottles at WADA accredited labs, without issue.

With an unrivaled commitment to security and global implementation, InnoVero has developed and refined The SAFE System, the world’s first sample collection system designed to restore trust in anti-doping for every sport stakeholder. 

For athletes, doping control officers, anti-doping organizations and sport federations, The SAFE System difference instills confidence through unmatched Secure, Athlete-Friendly, Functional and Efficient measures. 

Learn more about how laboratories are finding success in the SAFE System and reserve your inventory of InnoVero’s SAFE System today for peace of mind in all of your sample collection needs.