InnoVero SAFESystem

What We’ve Learned from Global Anti-Doping Leaders

As 2020 hits full stride, InnoVero has spent much of the last 12 months focused on meeting stakeholder needs, through in-person demonstrations and interactions with global anti-doping leaders.

What we’ve learned reinforces our mission: security and athlete trust remains at the forefront of any discussion when it comes to the sample collection process.

As global voices continue to call for resources and innovation to further anti-doping efforts, InnoVero is charting the course, by gathering athlete feedback, ensuring the highest standards of excellence in quality control and in reducing barriers to product use.

While the SAFE System will be available for purchase starting in spring 2020, over the months ahead, we’ll continue to detail and describe the SAFE System difference. Through compelling content and inspiring stories, InnoVero will demonstrate why the standard in anti-doping has a new name.

InnoVero’s sole purpose is to secure global athlete trust in anti-doping. We look forward to your support on the journey ahead.